About Us


Kelly Connor Designs sprang into being in 2012 when my daughter and I took up knitting. On the hunt for a bag to keep our latest projects in we found that none of the knitting bags available were our cup of tea.
Asking ourselves that famous question, 'How hard can it be?' (quite hard is the answer!) being a fine artist and a maker we set out to make our own.
Nine years later, Kelly Connor Designs is a mother and daughter team and we still love making contemporary, high-quality bags for knitters, crocheters and crafters.
We are excited to have recently launched our new range of products designed and made in our studios. Where we operate as close to zero waste as possible. We are evolving and we are on a journey of growing awareness. Our focus is on doing everything we can to be earth friendly. One step at a time we look for ways to work within slow fashion ethics and improve our working methods and produce beautiful bags that will last. Our new designer bag and homeware range is eco friendly, and uses a range of certified materials, and gorgeous organic fabrics. We love supporting your passions, creativity and making process. Thank you for letting us be part of your journey.